A view to a …

… not so shabby looking bag.  Yeah from that view it does not look so bad.  A let Stacy choose the colors, so its not exaclty what I normally would have worked with.  The colors are found in the flag of Bolivia and many African countries.

So I do not know what of this project annoyed me, but somewhere along the way it got to me.  Maybe all the seed stitch.

I never picked up the number of stitches the pattern said to begin with around the edge.  I did follow the instructions, but ended up around 20 stitches short.  I thought no big deal, it will be a bit thinner.  Then I started the open mesh part once and could not get the pattern to work, it failed to jive.  So I pulled it out and tried again.  It seemed like it was working, and when I realized it had gotten off course again, I fixed it in the knitting.  So the mesh is not perfect, but I thought who cares, its a bag.  And I did that section round and round for more rows then it seemed it would take. 

Finally I get back to the seed stitch, who thought that would be a good thing.  And after I work all the normal rounds, I think oh for the placement of the handles I should see how many stitches I am off.  Somehow I am now off 40.  40!  Somehow I lost 20 more stitches.  But you see I needed to finish at this point.  I had realized that starting more projects without finishing some similar to treading in water.  Yeah I was doing something, but getting nowhere.  And I had agreed to knit a baby blanket for a coworker, so I needed to finish the bag before I would allow myself to start the blanket which has a deadline.

So I will finish by saying I have nothing against the pattern.  It is well written and well laid out.  The handle technique was clever, at least for me since it was my fist bag.  However, somehow I ended up with this.  Not quite as pretty as the BYOBfound on Knitty.  Don’t worry Court, yours will be done with care.

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3 Responses to A view to a …

  1. paula says:

    Is it a pumpkin bag or what??

  2. paula says:

    Hey Ashley, I now see that the bag is red and very nice. I think it was the drugs that made me see it differently earlier today.

  3. karla says:

    oooo, do i get a bag? (since i never got my sweater)

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