Sometimes looks are deceiving

Like how apparently I give off this aura of nice, innocent, and well behaved and then I say something and my companions stare at me with their jaws hanging.  Giving the look that says I can’t believe you just said that.  Okay I have all my life been saying things that elicit that look, so I cannot believe that people are still surprised by what I say.  I guess I just keep finding new people to shock.

The looks that were deceiving was the mill end of kiogu I got up in Philadelphia.  It looked very appealing, shades of green and brown.  I was working at the sock at the Phillies Braves baseball game that my wonderful sister and brother in law gave me the tickets to for my birthday.

I brief recap of the game through pictures.


What you say there is no baseball in those pictures.  Oh yeah, because there was a nice 2 hour delay in the middle of the 2nd inning because of a very impressive thunderstorm.

Once play resumed Cupcake (Blanton) was replace by Eaton.  I thought what could make this day better.  Here is where my appearance was deceiving.  I was working on a baby sock out of the green kiogu and suddenly stand up in my seat and start yelling some mean comments at Eaton, I cannot recall exactly what I said.  But I thought that might have surprisedthe people sitting near me, who had previously categorized the girl knitting as a gentler creature.  Boy is anyone who thinks that wrong.

So I finish the sock during the game (did I mention although it was a see saw game with the Braves grabbing a nice lead at one point the Phillies won, I will have to start gathering data but preliminary observations suggest that they win when I work on my knitting in attendance).   And I was shocked at what I saw.  It looked like a camouflage sock, not attractive at all.

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One Response to Sometimes looks are deceiving

  1. karla says:

    You? Nice, innocent, and well-behaved???? Who believes that??? HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!! (now who’s taunting??) 🙂

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