Joker, mobsters, and batman

Oh my (sorry taunting people is just my nature Karla, plus it should make Courtney laugh).

So on Saturday night I went to see Batman and I run into someone I know.  I love the way my life works with running into people.  Sometimes I feel like even living in the DC area, it still can be like a small town.  I am discussing running into people when outside my apartment.  It is important to remember things like this may happen when deciding whether to change out of slippers for a trip to Blockbuster (it was years ago but I did wear the 1st pair of cheetah slippers out in public).  See my inclination is not to change out of the slippers, they are comfortable and make me happy, plus they have a rubber sole so are okay for walking outside.  However, sometimes you might not people to know you are the type to wear slippers in public.  Sometimes you may have somehow with a lot of effort and spit polish convinced people that you are more pulled together than that.  I’m not sure I have convinced anyone, but if I have it would be dreadful to ruin that tenuous victory (for the story plotter this would be Ashley vs. Society).  The thing with actually living in a small town is you know eventually anything you get caught doing will get back to your parents and 3rd grade teacher who believed in you.  Luckily down in DC I don’t have to worry about that part of running into people, and can just use it as an interesting story to share with people.  I actually did see Batman in Pennsylvania and by running into a neighbor caught up on the fact that my one childhood friend is pregnant and the other has a snazzy new car.

So on the bus ride up to Philadelphia I was a bit bored with my knitting.  You know starting yet another tiny sock, did not make my fingers antsy to move in a productive manner.  So I thought to myself, ever since Aunt Paula asked me about continental knitting I have been wondering about trying.  I have heard it is less work since you pick the stitches, instead of throwing.  So I thought why not try this.  And later I actually looked at a video on-line to learn exactly how to hold the yarn.  I find it is much better when doing a seed stitch.  Just a twitch of the pointer finger, to move the yarn back and forth.  I think I already prefer it, although I will still for now use English for when I am not exactly looking at the knitting at all times.

Also on my bus ride I started BYOB by Moira Ravenscroft.  Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to join the crowd, especially if it adds another bag to your collection.  You see bags are great to have in variety and quantity, because then you don’t always have to empty them right away and have the right type.  Now I think it is a great pattern, I was just commenting on something that weren’t my preference yesterday at the group.  I think I will refer to the weekly knitting get together as the group from now on because it sounds like therapy and something that would help with the affliction.  I just said I don’t understand why you would start with the handles, doesn’t everyone know you knit the smallest part last when the will to finish is lagging.  And I pointed out that when I was knitting the bottom even stretch while at Batman I was not counting rows, I don’t count over 20 rows if that many.  It’s also at least for me more difficult to count seed stitch rows.  So I thought that part of the direction could have been based on the length.  But once again just my preference.  My final comment was that instead of knit 8 rows and then switch to cc1 on knit stitches, it should be knit until you feel like switching colors.  Yeah that one was obviously not serious. 

Funny was when I pulled it out last night at group and Eva goes terracotta right?  She is familiar with the cotton ease color names from her modern log cabin blanket (still not quite done).

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