Second Sock Syndrome

Before I get on topic, I would first like to ask the question why did my parents let me out of captivity?  Just for instance, this morning I rode to woke with a coke in my backpack and then preceded to open it with in half an hour of arriving.  I was not paying close attention, and it sprayed all over me.  Now you would think that I would have enough life skills to have avoided this.  However, from this morning’s results you can see that is not the case.  It could be that I should get up earlier, since I know my brain does not fully wake up until about an hour after I am dressed (assuming I get dressed within 15 minutes of getting out of bed).  But you see the caffeine in the coke helps me to wake up.

So the title of this post is an often bandied about phrase in the sock knitting world.  In fact just in wordpress with a search of the term you can find a multitude of posts that address the issue.  For the non sock knitters, or maybe they can be called future sock knitters, the phrase refers to the fact that often after knitting the first sock, there is a lack of interest in repeating the whole process.  Why because you already worked with the yarn for a decent period, you have learned the pattern and there is nothing new or different about the second sock.  The reason people have more than one project going at a time is for the variety.  The second cause of the syndrome can be that something did not end up right in the first sock.  An example is the horror stories of socks that could cover the shoe that the old woman lived in.  Obviously no one needs a pair of those socks, I mean there is only one woman and one shoe.  So then there is also no desire to make the second sock.  Of course if you don’t make the second sock, you never technically finish the project.

So I finally encountered this problem with the baby jays.  My first two pairs of socks were on fleece artist and something about the way the colors worked, I was more excited to do the second sock.  My third pair of socks the detonators were finished because of sheer determination.  I hated the pattern on the cuff of the first sock, they were done quickly for the challenge.  And the baby socks so far have been fleece artist so still no problem.

So the funny thing about hitting the slump with the baby jays is in the title of the socks.  They are baby socks.  These only take a few hours.  I think I hit the problem with the toe on the first sock which still needs to be fixed.  I tried to Kitchener it when on the road without any reference.  Basically I just winged it and was going to call it a Kitchener stitch, which I had never done before.  So that put me off it.  Last night when I began working more on the second sock (I had brought it to the Bond movie because it is easy to carry and required no thought at the cuff stage), I once again randomly interjected into conversation aloud that I really like the blue.  Whenever this vibrant blue comes out in the yarn I get a tiny smile over seeing it again.  Then Stacy goes to me, I guess you are over the second sock syndrome.

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