Tiny little threads


Maybe its a shame that in these present days that the clothes we wear are all pre-manufactured.  Why a shame, because that is why people are not wearing the most proper fitting clothes.  I am just saying this because I have finally finished the shirt I originally thought I could crank out in 2 days.  Yes sometimes I am delusional.  But to finish it and then find out it was too short, that was quite a delayed punch in the stomach by the crafting fates.  Gosh those crafting fates are wiley little brats.  Sorry got a little distracted.  If you can see in the picture where the last button is, follow that to the side and about half an inch below that is where the shirt ended on the side.  Not a good look.  Anyways if I had ever had something specifically made for me and been measured, as opposed to me following the pattern size that is supposed to be me, I might have discovered that my torso is not the standard ratio.  Then I would have known from the beginning to also alter that.  Not like I was not doing enough other alterations.

I also took a picture of the shirt on me, however it was rushed because I was running late and it is hard to take a picture of yourself.  Oh yeah and I have an awkward crouch going on.  Well that and some more spinning is all I did last night.  Sometimes it is nice to just be away from people.

My room and many object now are covered in maroon thread.  I find it amazing exactly how many snips I had to make last night, and I am sure I still missed some.  I did almost finish the thread, an accomplishment I have not done in a while.

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