Meet my new friend Lucy

So yesterday I mentioned a second toy I got.  My second toy is Lucy.  Lucy is very helpful because she does not mind gaining or loosing weight in a short period of time.  She also is quiet and does not mind being shoved off into the corner or a little manhandled.  Oh and as you can see headless and limbless, so I found some compassion in my heart and gave her a home.

I got her from Ashley who is very good at acquiring craft tools.  She currently has 4 spinning wheels (she is selling three).  Apparently she is adept at finding such objects and was planning to donate Lucy to Good Will because she found a more advance dress dummy that has a stand.  I was happy to take Lucy off her hands.  I figure I can always upgrade in the future, but this satisfies the thought I was having about acquiring a dress form that I was failing to put into action because of space constraints and the cost benefit ratio.

So as you can see Lucy is wearing a shirt.  What I thought was a finished shirt.  It has buttons to go through the button holes.  It has sleeves with minimal puckering.  It even has a belt and belt loops.  I even cut the threads, which sometimes I do forget to do immediately. 

After Lucy tried it on, I decided I better put it on if I was going to wear it to work.  Guess what, it was at least three inches too short.  Now I did not work directly from the pattern.  I decided I wanted to change some things to mimic a favorite shirt I have from H & M.  The shirt was bought several years ago, so I do not believe I will ever be able to buy it again, so it would be nice to be able to replace it with a tribute when it does finally wear out.  It is my cool professional shirt, with the right amount of showing off my curves.  So I can wear it when I  am going out directly after work and want to feel attractive.  I did not make it in black this time, because that shirt is not near its grave yet.  But I thought if this one works I can do it again later in black.  So I added pleats and changed the sleeves.  I do not particularly think that thick cuffs look good at three quarters.  They get very wrinkled or cut of circulation.  So I altered the pattern and made each front side 2 pieces.  As I did this, I made sure to add on new seam allowances.  I also may have hemmed it a little thicker than the pattern suggested.  I did not, however, hem it 3 inches thicker.  Half an inch at most.  So I do not know how the shirt ended up so deficient.  I luckily have extra fabric to play with, (I hope enough for what has to be done) and will perform the surgery tonight.  I did not last night because of From Crystal City with Love.  Sat outside and watched Moonraker last night.  Currently Draxo may be my favorite Bond villain, for when he goes, “You have ruined all my attempts to amusingly kill you.  You aren’t very sportsmanlike.”

However, I do need to still figure out why the shirt ended up so deficient in length.  Is my torso not the normal ratio to my weight and height.  I think I need to get someone to do proper measurements.  I feel that I either measured my bust wrong, or Lucy is very limited in her sizes.  The second is entirely possible.  Well I’ll let you know how the shirt comes out.

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