Spin a little faster

So I learned a new trick this weekend, I also got two new toys.  The second one will be talked about to tomorrow because there was an unforeseen outcome.  Hint is I tackled the sleeves and that is not the problem.

But my other toy which is being talked about second but I got first, was a drop spindle.  Kate was kind enough to give me hers.  Yeah I know it was not only kindness on her part, I have given gifts like that.  It weighs about 3 oz (2.8 to be exact, we weighed it on Ashley’s digital scale used for her yarn smuggling operation), and is a bottom spindle.  The heavy weight means that it will spin up a bulkier yarn.

Ashley was kind enough to make a lighter top drop spindle out of a wooden car parts and a hook.  Instructions on making a spindle can be found here.  Not only that she also showed Stacy and I how to handspin.  Stacy had previously had a quick lesson, but this was my first foray into the craft.

I am far from perfect, but as the afternoon went on I did become more confident.  I even practiced once I got home while watching sheep be shorn.  I am not lying.  I was watching Mcleod’s Daughters, and Australian tv series about working farm in Southern Australia.  I’m on the fifth season, which is still good but does not live up to the first three seasons.  But it still fit nicely to watch an episode with shearing while working with fiber.

1st little skein

2nd skein

2nd skein 3rd try

These are my first three attempts.  I think I was most careful on the second.  The third is not very even.

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