Return of cuteness

Well this weekend I did not get anything actually finished.  I did not even touch knitting that much.  I did get time to ride my bike.  In fact I got lost on Sunday night.  Not a I have no idea where I am and am unable to possibly get home lost, but a wow I added about 2 more miles to my route.  I just went the wrong way because the map in my head was upside down.  I say the map in my head because last night Nick said he looked out how to get from one place to another and had a map in his head, and it worked.  I was a little jealous since my ability to get lost is noteworthy only in the way that I have accepted that it is more likely than not to occur.  But to redeem myself I could figure out the tip without using the function on the phone.  So I’m going to say I think Nick and I came out even on that one on the score sheet in my head.

But in my bike riding I did manage to buy this.  Why you might ask, because I have someone been sucked into learning to spin.  By sucked in I mean Ashley has offered to show some of us and I have given into my curiosity.  But you must admit this is better than the terrifying interest in weaving that I found inside of me a week or so ago.  It’s all because of tartans!  Okay I must move on for fear of actually making a commitment in my mind if I keep pondering the possibility (toddler kilt).

I also spent some time this weekend fighting with the blouse I thought would be a two day project.  Yeah a two day project if I did not decide to alter it, almost throw away the buttonhole guide causing an unplanned haitus, and conveniently forgotten my lack of mastery over sleeves.

I did start on the baby socks for my sister.  This is the jaywalker pattern scaled done.  Be warning, the weapon of cuteness is back.


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