Don’t you want to pet it

I once decided to knit a sweater and may have not considered all the measurements.  It did not look that size on the skinny model in the Vogue Knitting International.  So I substituted yarn (because I rarely want to go into debt for a sweater), but found mohair so it was soft and fuzzy as needed.

Funny part of the story is when I was working on the sweater over Christmas break and my dad goes that looks like a cat, referring to the yarn.  Courtney and I start cracking up.  My dad looks at us trying to figure out what just happened.  Not always that uncommon a look to get when my sister and I are together, you should see the looks I get from my brother in law.  So after I regain my ability to speak, I tell him that’s why we have been referring to it as kitty for the past couple days.  He missed that because he sometimes tunes us out, not really that unreasonable an action.

So I finally finish the traveling cabled  sweater and I sew up the seams.  I put it on to find disappointment.  The collar lacks something that makes me happy.  I find I’m often feeling lackluster about collars.  I really need to go deep into research mode and find knitted collars that make me happy and apply them to the body patterns that make me happy. 

And the sweater is way too wide for my tastes.  I am not saying it is a bad sweater, it just does not wear in a way that makes me feel confident or comfortable.  Also looking again at the picture (which I hate how I look in and only share the whole thing to get the effect of the sweaters large neck), I also dislike the sleeve cuffs.  I believe that I only have worn it 3 times, which is not a good ratio to the amount of time I spent making it.  So with my lackluster enjoyment I decided I would make alterations.  I decided this when I lived in New Jersey, so more than 2 years ago.  And as you can guess I have not made the changes yet.  I will eventually have to plan a day to figure it out and work on it.  But until then it will sit in my cedar chest soaking up the good smells.  This way when I do finally tackle the beast (yup upgraded from kitty because it does not make me happy), the odor will soothe me.

I present to you Kitty (aka The Beast), don’t you want to pet it?

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