Cosby Sweater Party

So its Thursday and I still have  not shared the last of what I worked on this weekend.  Once I was sitting in my parents’ house I was able to reorient myself to the toile cardigan.  I took it out briefly at the ball game and for some reason although I thought I was on the 10th row of the pattern when I tried to knit that row it did not seem to work.  When I was at my parents it did then work.  Disruption in the space time continuum?  Who knows, maybe we should go ask the owl.  I say that because often when I think of an unanswerable question I think of the tootsie roll commercial ending with “The world may never know”.

So unlike for the sleeves this time I did write out all the decreases.  I say this because for WWKIP Day I said something about figuring out each piece before I started it although I did not map out the details for the whole cardigan yet.  And then Kate totally called me on it, since two days earlier several of the knitting group watched as I figured out the sleeve head when at the point where it had to start, not before I had cast on.  So I decided to plan out the whole back and I figured out how many stitches and when to decrease and increase.  I even knit a swatch of the stitch pattern I was adding.  Of course it took me knitting the pattern as the back to realize that the bobbles were not bordering on pathetic, they simply were.  instead of being nice and firm little balls they were bulbous misshapen blobs.  So that clearly was not the look I was going for.  So I switched to another stitch pattern and ripped back to the starting point for the pattern.

I was knitting on the caridgan as I waited in line to catch the bus back to DC.  The line was incredibly long and I did not realize that greyhound will overbook.  Apparently they overbook and do not try to appease you for your inconvenience.  So since I was there an hour before departure, I did not see the need to stand in line that whole line.  I did decide it might be a good idea about half an hour before departure.  This is when I learned from the guy behind me that greyhound will sell more tickets then seat and we start talking to the guy and girl behind him as well.  The guy asked what I was working on (thank goodness for knitting to keep me calm with the possibility of being delayed 3 hours) and so I told him.  He then told me about a Bill Cosby sweater party they had had at school.  And that is your picture of zen.  Oh and luckily I got a seat on the bus, but I do know that some people did not.

Cosby Sweater

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