Ashley and the three sock tries

So as I stated previously I started a new pair of socks at the Nat’s Stitch and Pitch.  And I found out when I took of my sandal and tried on the toe I had made that it did not fit.  It was too big.  The problem was the pattern I am using Becca Diaz’s Cut & Paste Socks was written for size 11 feet.  It makes since sense that is the size of her feet, why would she possibly make socks too small for her feet?  So I knew this going in and she said you could take out a few of the border stitches to make them smaller.  Also I was using a different type of yarn, Koigu KPPPM instead of Dream in Color Smooshy, which were different weights.  I even had a chance to compare the two when I mentioned at the Stitch in pitch about what was written in the pattern and Ashley says oh I have some Smooshy would you like to compare, so I took her up on it.  But the weight was not different enough, so after putting the sock over my toe and viewing the large gaps on  the side, I realized that it was not even delusional thinking going to work.

So I ripped it all out.  Not even feeling a twinge of pain, because I went into the first attempt figuring there was a good possibility of it not being the right size.

So Saturday morning I get up super early to catch the 6:20 train up to Philadelphia.  On the train, I started my second attempt at the sock.  I decided to use size 1 needles, where as previously I had used 2 1/2 needles.  Why the large jump?  Oh because my 1 1/2 needles were still stuck in the River Tam socks (which I misplaced in avoidance and could not find to bring along to work on at 5:30 am after getting to bed around 12:30 – no, not to pilfer the needles from) and size 2 needles did not seem enough of a difference (.25 millimeters is not that large).

Why was I going to Philly.  Well the impetus for that particular day and time was the Preston and Steve 3rd Annual Blood Drive.  I have listened to them off and on since I was in High school.  I remember sitting in my car in the parking lot a few minutes after I parked to hear the end of a segment.  I could not listen while at college in Erie because the signal did not reach that far.  I found out a year or two ago that you can get the podcast and from there when not in the area I was set.  So I decided to go and give blood and get a matching pint glass for the one I got last year.  I also was going to go to a ball game and maybe get a cheese steak and various other things.  But since I had a hard time finding someone to meet up with, there were no seats available for the baseball game when I tried to find them the day before.  Also since my mom took the train down, getting to Pat’s would be a little too much.  So instead we went to South Street and I got to go to yarn stores, Beadworks(smaller than the Providence store), and fabric row.  Then I went to my parent’s house and got to go kayaking on Sunday morning.  So even without baseball and a cheese steak, worth the trip.

Oh back to the sock.  So I knit it as I ride the train, the subway, waiting in line throughout the blood donation process.  I was very surprised that no one had commented on it, I have grown used to being anywhere and getting comments.  I did finally get asked what I was knitting when I stood in line to meet Preston and Steve.  So when I am at my parents house I put the toe on my foot, (I had gotten furtherwith this attempt)  and there seems to be gaps between the needles.  Yup it seemed to be too small.  This is why I am calling them the Goldilock’s socks (too big, too small, and hopefully just right).  Of course this morning when I took them off the needles to completely admit to the failure of the second attempt, and then put it over my foot I though hey it might be okay.  I think I will add a couple stitches instead of changing needles this time.  That way the pattern will still be taunt making it easy to see.

So today’s post will end with the Triump of the baby socks.

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