Stitch and Pitch

So it has been suggested that I might be a little obsessed with baseball, but considering the source I do believe it was a joke.  Of course I got defensive and tried to justify what I was saying by going I could meet Jamie Moyer.  I shared that because this is another post that will mention baseball.  Why is it coming up again, not because I am obsessed.  It is coming up because this last Friday was the Stitch and Pitch at the Nationals Game.

We decided to meet up around 6 to make certain we would get a goody bag.  And we were not the only ones on the mission.  In our almost fruitless quest we asked many workers who had no clue what we were talking about.  We were misdirected no less than 3 times I believe and went up and down more times than were enjoyable.  Finally we found the promised land.  Okay not the promised land, but where the bags were being given out and demonstrations were held.  Here is a display of what was in the bag.  I condensed the loose papers, so under the pattern are other patterns and coupons to local yarn and other craft stores.  There were some cross stitch patterns that will be passed on to my sister, since I never enjoyed that enough to take it up.  There was also a contribution of fun fur that I donated to my friend Stacey since I had no urge to use it.  I still appreciate the gift, I simply recognized that ascetically appeal to my craft desires.

Jenna and I got our picture with Teddy (the fan favorite president).  During the president’s race this time Teddy did not win because he was too busy chatting up girls to participate.  The previous game I attended he did not win because he was disqualified for using a motorized scooter.

So after searching for beer we are willing to spend the outrageous amount of money on (i.e. not a miller or bud product) and enjoying the view of the river we went to our seats.  As Stacey predicted we were in the corner.  As the starting line up is being announced and I am casting on for what I will call the Goldilocks socks (to be explained in the next post) I hear the name of the Rangers’ starting pitcher: Kevin Millwood.  Stacey and Jenna I believe both had thoughts about sitting with me after I booed my loudest.  Maybe when he is retired I will be able to let go of the bitterness, but I just remember a year of seeing him pitch losses against the Expos (which he in a way did again)

So after the 4th inning Ashley joined us having finished her wonderful spinning demonstrations.  And there were sections of knitters and their non knitting friends or significant others watching the baseball game.  It was interesting to look around and see what everyone was working on.  I even got a chance to ask the women sitting behind us about a type of yarn I had bought but not yet worked with.  They had one of the guys working on embroidering the Nationals W.  The game went so long that the fireworks after the game were canceled.  We actually left after the 12th because we were all tired and I at least had to get up really early the next day.  I would show you what I worked on, but I cannot because it was all ripped out.  The aghast look on Jenna’s face hints out her newness to knitting (only since October, but I cannot tell from what she makes).  I say that because I just accepted that the knit was not the right size and did not feel any horror.

See all the knitters, I would call that a moment of zen.  Oh yeah it was kind of kinearred.

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