I am not a polar bear

So as I mentioned yesterday I am currently forgoing the ease of written patterns to make something that suits my desires perfectly.  The other project I am designing is in response to the need to pretend the office can house polar bears.  Well I cannot think of another reason for it to be cold enough in the office that at points my fingertips begin to turn blue.  I should not need to carry a parka to work when it is in the 90s outside the building.

So I need a light cardigan.  I have been looking around but unable to find a pattern I really liked.  I was planning to make a cream one, so it would match basically everything.  However, when I went into Stitch DC Georgetown, I saw this nice cornflower blue yarn and nothing in a cream that really worked.  And its 50% angora, so that is something new to work with.

I went through my thoughts of what I wanted, thought of how the Yarn Harlot creates hems, and looked though my stitch glossaries.  Then I started with a sleeve (after doing a swatch for gauge), because it would be smaller than the back and less complicated than the front which would need button bands). 

As I was thinking about the work of writing out the pattern, I thought hey if I like it maybe I will share it.  Then I got dragged into the posts on ravelry about what makes something original or not.  There really should be a decisive set of rules, not the nebulous ideas that are currently out there.  And maybe there are decisive rules, but they don’t seem to have the right public relations company working for them.  At least with research papers you know, directly taken needs to be in quotes, paraphrase then footnote it, and if it has been more than 7 places it is general knowledge.  Like I do not have to cite in any way that General Fransico Franco is still dead (yup I’ve seen SNL from the 70s).

So I may our may not write this up into a pattern, first I will see how it works out.  I did think that maybe I could figure out a different size by making one for Karla since I still owe her a sweater, but think the one previously agreed upon will be forever and infinite amount of yarn.  But that is up to her choosing, because I would hate to make something that did not get worn.  Treasure it by wearing, if it gets worn out, I will believe it was loved and worth my effort and will be willing to replace it with another knitted object.  Obviously if I wanted my creation kept in pristine state I would not knit for my nephew, the spit up king, and therefore commit myself to knitting for any future offspring of my sister and her wonderful husband.

So here is the start of my so far being called french provincial cardigan.  It is hard to see the pattern being worked, but I think it is there enough to satisfy me

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2 Responses to I am not a polar bear

  1. Karla says:

    so the original pattern we picked out for my sweater is too complicated?

    if so, i would be honored to have an original design by ashley! 🙂 hey, maybe when courtney and i finally get to d.c. we can pick up some yarn?!

    love trey’s sox, btw. oh, i’m glad you are ok w/ me being an “aunt” b/c your sister has taken to calling me “titi” 🙂

  2. courtney says:

    I don’t like little kids calling adults by their first name (I think it is less respectful). But Mrs. Karla is cheesy and Mrs. Gibson is too formal, so I was out of other options unless we call her “The KBG” (her initials)

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