Power of cuteness

So I have been uninspired by the current patterns I have and taken to winging it.  Okay not really winging it, because I am not capable of operating without a clear plan.  But deciding to design my own patterns to get exactly what I want and not end up working on something that will only satisfy me partially.

One project I have been working on is the River Tam socks.  I actually only have the design for the foot, because chaos exemplified is still eluding me.  I actually frogged the original toe (blunt ugly thing that it was) and began again.  Surprisingly this did not bother me, probably because my desire for perfection outweighed my impatience.  But then I forgot to bring the project with me one day and another I forgot to bring my chart.  Although it is not a fully translated chart, and more a drawing.  But I have put the project on hold for a moment because I may want to rip a couple rows back, because I seem to have slightly varied from my design and I am uncertain whether that is okay or not.  So I decided to take some time off so I could be clear minded.

So I needed a project that was not so consuming.  Something I can work on without paying full attention.  And guess what, I had some sock yarn left over from socky.  So I decided to make another pair of baby socks.  I have already shared the joy of quickness.  When you can cast on and turn the heel in little over an hour, there is an awesomeness to the pattern.  I decided to try a second attempt to knitting at the movies and what more successful when I was not trying a stitch pattern more complicated that ribbing.  I found I could even turn the heel, just not pick up the stitches for the gusset.  I bet I can overcome that with some work.

The other great thing about the socks is their amazing power.  Show them to anyone (well this has only been tested on females, because I don’t constantly carry the finished projects around) and the immediate reaction you will get is aww.  I’m serious, I think these could be used as a nullifying weapon.  And look now my nephew and I can coordinate, too bad he is too young to fully appreciate that.

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One Response to Power of cuteness

  1. courtney says:

    Socks arrived today. TOO CUTE! Trey will model them post nap.
    Trey’s Mommy is thinking if she told you names and due dates of a few friends of her and Daddy maybe she could buy 2-3 pairs for each of them? Then you have an excuse to watch a whole series of a tv show in DVD to knit?

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