New York, New York

So this holiday weekend I hopped on the Chinatown Bus and went up to New York City.  It had been around a year since I had last been, and I wanted to see Yankee Stadium, before it was completely replaced with Yankee Stadium 2.0.  Which once again brings up lame baseball park names.  Naming it the same thing really will make differentiating the two much harder.  At LB and Matt’s apartment I finished Trey’s Look grandma and I can match socks (aka Everybody hits socks).  They are slightly different sizes because I was not paying as close attention as I worked the toe on the second sock.  I love making him socks already, so quick.  The great news from the trip is I think LB is going to learn how to knit.  I told her she needs to learn for World Wide Knit in Public Day and she asked why is there a special day, don’t knitters knit whenever and where ever they feel like it.  I guess she is right, unless a knitter is ashamed because people make comments about future motherhood, grandmotherliness, and being uncool.  Making your own socks is super cool and one of these days someone may get assaulted with my knitting needle.  So knit proud.

I started my River Tam socks.  I may have to redo the toe because it ended up blunter than I like.  I also may decrease the needle size of the stitches.  I ended up with an eyelet at the bottom, and cannot decide whether that is what I want.  Gosh it is only my 4th pair of adult sized socks, give me time to find my bearing.  The graph paperthat can be adjusted to rectangles since knitting stitches are not square is wonderful.  Figuring out how to work the pattern has been relatively easy, especially since I had small post-its in my purse from Kate.

So while in New York I did stop by a yarn shop, Purl Soho.  It was a plethora of color and I spent time just going around and touching all the yarn.  I ended up with Kiogu since I have heard about it and they had plenty of color selection.  I ended up with gray just because it seemed like the appropriate color for a sock pattern I have in mind.  I also went to a Yankees Mariners game and wore my Little League World Series shirt that says Richland, Washington on the back.  The seats had a great view directly behind home plate, but were too far away to read the names of the Mariners (the Yanks do not put the names on their uniforms).  So it took a bit to realize that the name of the pitcher was too short to say Hernandez.  Of course Yankee stadium does not have a list of the players up, although he old school graphic board does rock.  Luckily LB has an iphone and looked on pickleview.  Who did we get to see Carlos Silva (Matt was like THE Carlos Silva?), yeah who else.  That was a bit annoying since I had wanted to see Felix.  But a baseball game is a baseball game, therefore I was well satisfied.  Even though the Mariners did prove they aren’t the greatest at fielding, hitting, or pitching (yeah I know I should just say they suck at every aspect of the game, but that feels mean).  I even tested the yarn to see if it was lucky and not the socks, but since the team I was cheering for lost I’m guessing if anything has the power it is the socks (must tell Court to have Trey wear them to a baseball game and record the results, because of n of 1 means nothing).  I got to eat some great food, although Sunday I had upped my hot dog count for the week to 4 (that’s much more than normal since it was one a day).  We walked around alot and I found some cool bowls at Fishs Eddy with this logo on it for 75% off ( that means the pair cost $5.47).  I also have carnival glasses purchased on another visit.

So I will leave you with this picture.  No explanation would satisfy, so I will not even try.

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