Knit one, pitch a strike

I admit it I have not been an active crafter this week.  I was distracted by baseball.  The Phillies had a series at Nationals Park (what a boring name).  But I do enjoy the presidents just walking around.  One of these days I will get a picture with them.  

I asked everyone I knew who also liked baseball to go to a game.  My friend Adam offered to let me come with him and his coworker to Monday’s game.  A loss, and Myers pitching.  I knew Hamels was pitching on Tuesday and even though there was a chance of rain, I decided it would be worth the chance that this would be the day he threw a no hitter (I, along with others believe this will happen someday).  I actually started talking to people on the Metro and sat with them, since my hoped for companion was overloaded at work.  This game started with the hassle of apparently only one server working, so we waited in line 3 inning, 40 minutes for tickets.  The Nationals really need a back up plan.  I was so excited when we were at the window buying tickets, that I took a picture.  So then Wednesday comes and I think I like to see Moyer pitch as well and I have never gone to a whole series.  I’m already two thirds of the way done.  Plus I love a chance to see the Phillies play.  And why not, as when Katie at worked asked whether I went, yeah because I have no one else to answer to.

So since I finished those knitting portions of the projects this weekend and my two other plans (socks and a tee) are not directly from patterns, I had not started anything new.  But I really wanted to work on something.  So I decided to follow through with what I had told my sister.  That Trey would get socks out of the left over yarn from other socks.  So then he would have socks that matched mine, and his grandma’s.  In the future, he know who else he would match.  If I make Hannah purple socks, should he also get purple socks.  I may make him and my sister socks that match completely (you know the same pattern as well.  Who knows maybe Joe will get a pair as well and they can be family socks. 

So on Wednesday, after fishing some more for people to accompany me, I decided to go alone.  I had said to friends when talking about wanting to go to the whole series, that I was okay going to one game alone.  Although I started doing that the night before, since I ended up sitting with the guys I met on the metro, I still had not fulfilled that statement.  Plus with knitting, a beer, a hotdog, and a live baseball game I am set and do not need conversation.

So I cast on the sock on to size 1 needles with a pattern by Miriam L. Felton for Baby to Toddler Sized Socks.  It was hard for the first couple rows with the small amount of stitches and 4 needles.  But gosh by the 6th inning I was turning the heel.  Plus I think the socks are lucky.  That was a blowout, I think the sock was going for “everbody homers”.  Maybe even after I finish the socks I will bring a bit of the yarn with me to each game.

So I got to see a loss, a contentious game, and a ridiculous 6th inning for a huge win.  Someone needs to tell the elementary school who spent at least 15 minutes chanting Lets go Nationals.  That when your team is down by 8, that rally will be hard to come by.  But I refrained from booing young children, even though they were very annoying.  I did not refrain the night before from arguing with idiotic national fans sitting a couple rows back.  I say idiotic because of their poor argument.

And this is how much of a baby sock I can knit in a baseball game (I may speed up with more practice) with cheering.

Moment of Zen is the button bank.  My sister not only got me buttons as requested, but found a container to hold them in and then proceeded to separate them by color.  Or the best she couldwith distractions and wanting to get it in the mail, yeah I know what that is like.

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3 Responses to Knit one, pitch a strike

  1. Knit Thong says:

    I love the button jar!!! And the little itty bitty socks! SOoooooo cute 🙂

  2. Karla says:

    of course courtney would sort them by color before giving them to you! (she must have done will in kindergarten!)


  3. Steeliness says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Steeliness.

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