The joy of finishing

Although in working on projects there is a joy in the process, there is also another joy in finishing.  I completely finished one project this weekend (on just got it to the mail box on time (only a week and a half late, sorry Mom) and finished all but the final touches on the purple tank.  The purple tank that has been languishing in a box on my cedar chest, because I did not feel like putting on the stupid funnel neck of the pattern.

So I finished my first pair of toe up socks.  Wanting have socks that stayed up so decreasing the size of the needles for the top ribbing, turned out to be a mistake.  You see you need elasticity in the cuff to get it over the heels (unless you are more committed to the look of the sock and puleverize the heel of your foot, but I cannot ask someone else to do that.

Oh apparently the yarn did get darker as the skien went on and therefore if you look clsoely at the socks, on is darker.  But I still lover Fleece Artist.

I also organized my stash and loaded it all with picture onto ravelry, even though many I did not know anything about the yarn.

I took out an touched the purple sweater that mocks me, but looking at it I may almost be done the back, so with a schedule it should get done.  And then I can feel the great feeling of being done.

Your moment of zen is a shirt I made yesterday, although the game turned out to be a huge disappointment.  If you get the joke, you are qualified to be my friend.

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One Response to The joy of finishing

  1. Karla says:


    On another note, at least my brother is happy…(a penguins fan)…

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