I am your singing telegram – BANG

So It is already the middle of May and I do not believe I have posted.  I have the tumble of excuses but I will only bore you with the most recent and craft related.

I was suckered into Sock Wars III by Kate sharing the existence.  She did not say I had to join, but merely put the bait out there.  Knitting and a challenge, as some of my fellow knitters have learned with the Maryland Sheep and Wool field trip (which I will share in a later post), I am competitive.  By the time the weekend comes around, I am no longer enamored with the idea.  By this I mean I still have not gotten sock yarn for it.  Because the pattern uses light fingering, and my ever growing stash of sock yarn is all simply fingering.  And I had not received my dossier at the appointed time.  I thought maybe I got cut because I failed to do something and I secretly rejoiced.  But no it was just delayed.  I rejoiced because I saw the pattern and was not impressed with the result.

So Friday night I took a trip to Old Town Alexandria and ended up not just buying one skein of sock yarn, but two.  I think my book buying policy has eked into my sock yarn buying, if I buy one I might as well get another.  Of course this was to limit the number of times a year I bought books, and that may not have translated to the sock yarn buying habit.  Well I will work on that.  But the yarn reminded me of Elpheba in Wicked.  A beautiful mix of purple and green.  I still love a reason to start singing songs from Wicked.  I also ended up staying to knit, drink wine, and talk.  What can I say I’m a sucker for an invitation that includes knitting and a nice beverage.  It could have been milkshakes, that would have gotten me.  So I did not start the sock on Friday night.

I ended up starting it Saturday morning and being a shut in because of a wonderful spring cold.  Thank goodness I was sick, otherwise I would never have knit so much on a May weekend inside.  I had to stay inside because to save time I was knitting straight from my swift, not feeling like winding the ball of 560 yards.  But so I got to the heel on the second sock by Sunday night.  Of course I accomplished nothing on Monday because of my regular Monday plans.  (Hey I like a schedule.)  And then last night I stayed up late just to finish.  I needed to finish, because I did not want to die before they were done, and also I knew there would be a sizable amount of extra Schaefer Anne yarn and I wanted to keep it.

So off to Australia the socks went.  Of course I was not going to pay the expedient shipping cost of 25 dollars, so they will get there in 5-10 business days.  At least with the far off target it is unlikely I will make it to the second round and have to knit the uninspiring pattern again.

Your moment of zen will be a picture of a Trey Bear.


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