I’m all ears

And that’s without lining it up very well.  Considering the instructions said, place as in photo…

Okay I did better than the dot dot dot signifies.  The dot dot dot can be translated in my mind as buffering in the 9th inning with a two run lead for the phillies and the padres have bases loaded.  I.e. waiting is painful and may cause panic attacks.  Thank goodness for the backup of gameday.

So guess what I found on my walk home, a store where I can buy a zipper (maybe not a perfect zipper, more latter).  So on my way home if I walk the 2 miles (not much for me these days) I can pass an apple store, barnes and noble, fabric store, grocery store, multiple bars, and a library.  Are there any other necessities?  I’m serious.  This is why although I hate large conglomerations of people, I cannot outlaw living in a highly populated area.

So I bought a zipper and finished the ears, got up in the morning with extra time to work on it and failed to finish for wanting a great product.  Yes my love of my nephew outweighs wanting to finish.  That should make my sister feel good about my ability to be an aunt.

So I was told by the directions to place the ears as in the picture (lets just keep this simple and stop my complaining to say it said place as in picture, I’m sorry no picture showed my a view that was exact) and sew in zipper, this is my first zipper.  I do not believe I will use a Lois Daykin pattern again.  It just annoyed me continuously. My aunt emailed me about ribbing to attach the hood, and I have to tell her that it was decided that was stupid, ugly, and unnecessary unless you had bound off the back neck, then reconsider.

So I sewed on the sleeves, attached the ears (I think they look fine, but am willing to reattach, and baste.  I pin in the zipper in and sew it on with invisible thread (awesome, not as awesome as if the internet did not suck so much that I was able to watch innings 1-8 but not the 9th).  The problem the zipper was clamped at the bottom.  Yeah this is a cardigan.  I did not even think that there were different zippers.  So I spend half an hour dealing with trying to get both ends on the zipper again and then trying to create stoppers.  I’m not sure how permant this will be, but I remind my lovely sister that I have no wax.

Karla thinks I talked abut her in a way that indicated I had formerly talked about her.  I may have done this.  I admit that.  Karla lived with my sister for a few years during college and after.  Karla is older because she did volunteer work.  Karla and Courtney broke up (as roommates, I realized when reading it again it sounded like they were actually dating) because Courtney married Joe (or something like that she was a crossword answer at my sister’s bridal shower).  Karla is an honorary aunt to my nephew, but I am okay with that.

I called my sister who directed me to Karla about the zipper issue.  And I left a message, but she can disregard that because I seem to have fixed that and isn’t the finished product adorable.  (The zipper lines up with patience and preciseness).

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One Response to I’m all ears

  1. Karla says:

    The things that you remember…and I thought only I had a memory like that! I am glad that the cardigan turned out fabulously, even without my expertise! (Ha!) Speaking of sweaters…whatever happened to the one you promised me??? 🙂

    Oh, and Courtney and I said we’d go to D.C. after school’s out – plus, my sister will be down there then, too! 🙂

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