Questions that should not be asked

So since yesterday I got indications that I may be further from the center of the spectrum of normality than I had previously thought.  It begins with socky and the other green sock.  I decided to wear them to work with my khaki skirt and olive green shirt.  My boss Stella goes, its great that your shirt matches so well.  I replied, especially since I was going to wear them no matter what.  She just laughs, hard.  Do I have that different a way of thinking? 

So I ask some people on a scale of 1 to 10 how abnormal am I.  The similarity of responses is that there are further outliers, so in comparison I don’t make the 10.

Since I am so abnormal (although I have to put out that normal is just a social concept and can change over time, considering at one time in one culture human sacrifice was normal), I decided to show a shining moment.

My creations are not always planned out painstakingly in advance.  Sometimes inspiration strikes at the appropriate moment.  So this moment came the day before my sister’s wedding and reception.  We were decorating the fire hall and my sister told me to arrange the forks.  So I did.

The reaction I got was amazing, it was something related to disbelief.  I pointed out that I knew my sister assigned me the task to occupy me.

This is why when someone at the wedding commented on the forks, I said did Courtney tell you to say this.  Apparently not, someone actually appreciated my art.

I leave you with my sister’s greeting face.  Because the book of manners at the Mennonite grocery store told her to smile, put out her hand, and say nice to meet you.  This was the smile.

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One Response to Questions that should not be asked

  1. Courtney says:

    Yes, I admit was trying to keep her busy but she was being a pest!
    Ashley- Show them who I got that face from- do you have the Thanksgiving picture?

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