So the damaging news first.  My ipod got run over.  I had it clipped to my jacket and was riding my bike to work.  It must have come off when I hit a bump and it took me a couple blocks to realize.  I turned around and rode back, to see it lying partway in an intersection.  Then I had to wait and watch as more cars went though the intersection.  I did not see any car hit it and held out hope, but it was not to be.  There is a dent in the back and the screen has been severely damaged.  I look at it and see a butterfly.

Do not worry about me, I knew that there was no hope with fixing it or going without.  It makes public travel much less tedious.  So I stopped by the apple store, which was not even slightly out of my way and but a new nano.  Not something I was planning on doing, but I do like the new features.

Secondly I managed to push the bike into the back of my ankle.  Its a nice bruise that I saw in the middle of a conversation with someone and decided to comment outloud.  It was a little steam of thought conversation, of course the person on the other side of the conversation was slightly confused.  I haven’t known him very long, so he’s not used to my quirks.  Try not to bruise a tendon, it makes walking more painful.

Okay so when I got back from replacing my necessary entertainment device (from now on referred to as Ned) I decided to work further on the bear jacket.  I had got most of the sleeves done on my trip to Ohio.  and so I connected the shoulders and began to follow the directions, a bit incorrectly.  Incorrectly in that I started on the wrong side, not the right side.  Wierdly the pattern wants me to rib again between the neck and hood.  I think that’s odd because it makes a clear definition and I like things to flow.  I do not know that I would recommend a pattern by Lois Daykin, I have been slightly annoyed several times now.  I really should get this jacket done since it was for the birthday on the 14th.  Luckily a one year old has not concept of time, aside from its been too long since you fed me.

And when this is done I can work on the creation that will happen with this beautiful yarn.  See the green working through the black.  Perfect for a River Tam inspired sock.  Now I just need to map out chaos.

Your moment of zen, the tummy.

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