Just go through the brick wall

So I have a joke with Nicole and Steph (my college friends), Karla, and Courtney.  It goes back to a time when we took a roadtrip down to DC.  We stopped at a rest station and one of us thought that was where we were getting the train, and so another replied it’s like in Harry Potter, just go through the brick wall.

Now my sister just recently actually read all the Harry Potter books, and says to me oh that makes much more sense now.

So I consider Joe (Courtney’s husband) part of the family and one time my sister suggests that I knit him a scarf in his school colors.  Now Bloomsburg colors are maroon and gold.  So I decided to find a striped pattern and find this.  It’s perfect, a good length, and will be long enough.  Also manly enough barring a certain feature.

So I finish the scarf, and give it to my brother in law.  At the time I tell my sister, don’t tell Joe but it’s actually a Harry Potter Scarf.  Especially since maroon and gold are Gryffindor colors.  I believe we eventually told him, but for a period I was afraid he would declare it unwearable for that fact.

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