She wore and itsy bitsy teeny weeny

This post was written in the past but timed for the future, so things cold be spread out. I know I will not actually write a post on Friday because I will be traveling to the far off land of Ohio. Okay not that far, but still not where I live. Plus with my poor flight arrangement, I will not be near a computer for most of the day.

I can’t wait to see my friend Krystal and meet the boys.

But since Thursday has been such a beautiful day, I am forced to think of warm weather. Once of my favorite things to do in the summer is lay in the sun and go in the ocean. I am a creature of the water.

I actually was inspired to make a bathing suit from a trip with my sister to the PA fabric outlet. There are tons of embellishments there if you ever happen to be in the area. Also a bin of buttons you can buy by the cup. I told my sister I need to start a button box, to get me some if she goes again.

What I did buy when I was there was swimsuit material. There was black and white spandex in a design I could not resist. Plus since I was buying scraps and odd pieces, it was cheaper.

With the pieces I knew it would have to be two pieces, so I began to look for a pattern. Wow how little selection there is out there when you are looking for something specific and not in high demand. I did finally find a kwik sew pattern that was not hideous. Now the problem was finding it physically. Luckily the patterns were carried by Hancock Fabrics. So I decided to go on one of my quests. Turns out the place was closing down so I was enticed to buy fun fabric as well. Of course I learn when already attached to the fabric that I have to buy a certain amount and the deals are not that good to begin with.

I actually made the swim suit with other spandex I found from a quest down to Philly where I saw tons of produce fabric, but failed to purchase. But I was not that happy with the way the colors ended up playing against each other.

So I gave it another shot and came up with this. Which over the summer I had nowhere to wear except my parents backyard to enjoy the sun. Why, because I did not go to the beach and I do not swim laps in two pieces. That is a stupid idea unless your point is to show off the whitest parts of your body.

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