So I told you about my sister’s quilt. For some reason after I finished it, I had the desire to start another. You know, who doesn’t enjoy all the time and effort that goes into a queen sized quilt?  Originally, I started the quilt with a friend in mind. But since she failed to communicate for about half a year, I decided that perhaps the effort was not fully deserved. So if I ever finish it, I don’t know what exactly will happen. I say if, only because I left it at my parent’s house because of the size and my joy using the quilting frame. I got the frame from Karla’ grandmother for quite a good price. It was made by her husband, and lived up to my desires. If I found a man as handy as that, I would consider the whole marriage thing.

Since I started the quilt with someone else in mind, I chose the color red and to use the Colorado block. Only looking back now do I see the synchronicity. Reminds me of the time that I was on a trivial pursuit team with two friends and we had to figure what river got its name from its red banks. Did I mention we all took Spanish? Yeah we were stumped.

When I originally bought the fabric, I apparently did not get enough. Then there was the length of time I did not work on it. So when I went to get more fabric I had to go to 4 Joann stores before I finally found the last two fabrics. Luckily I did, because I hate when quests are not fulfilled.

When I pieced it all together, my father helped me to lay out the layers. (Another requirement in husband material, helping with projects.) Then I began to quilt the layers. And I got a decent part through, but have gone into hiatus with it being in Pennsylvania and me being in Virginia.  Even my nephew decided to help.

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