Purple Elephants

Okay so really its purple yarn and elephant material, but I combined it for Karla.  She loves when I mention purple elephants.  Okay so truthfully it might be she hates when I say it.


Okay so I believe I previously mentioned a skirt.  When I told my knitting group (only mine in the “they let me participate” way, not in a possessive or claiming creation way), about what I tried to accomplish Wednesday night I was told I may have reached my crafting quota for the weekend.


So I decided to bike to Falls Church and the shopping center to pick up some fabric.  The driving route said 3.5 miles or so.  I did not want to follow this route exactly because some of the Virginia drivers do not seem aware of how much room to give a bike rider.  Some are a little too close, and some go into another lane to pass you (silly people).  Even though the second are silly, I prefer that.  But you see I was able to get around this (or so I thought), because Arlington County has a bike map available online in pdf form.  They show you where there are trails and bike lanes and even the scary crossings (I believe the term they use is dangerous).


However there was a flaw in my plan in that I did not determine where exactly would be the best place to get off because the map only showed Arlington and Falls Church is part of Fairfax.  I can get a map of Metro DC and Virginia or Maryland with the bike trails and lanes through counties, but I have a hard time finding the Ballston Commuter store so that has been delayed.


So I got a little lost and came up the wrong way to Seven Corners which is a scary place to drive, let alone be on a bike.  Major roadways crossing in what forms 7 corners.  Yes sometimes names are accurate.  I cannot illustrate this properly but I know for a fact I backtracked and went in circles.  And one of the circles was quite large and time consuming.  But somehow eventually I got there.


And I’m looking at fabric and find this beautiful Indian inspired bolt.  Of course on closer inspection I see there is not an overabundance of fabric on the bolt.  This is after I fell in love with it.  I had already decided to use an alteration of the polka dot skirt, shorter and maybe thinner.  And I knew from that experience I did not need 2 and 5/8s.  Of course in my rush to try to arrive back at the apartment before it was two late, I did not find out exactly how much fabric I had.  So I take it up to the counter and find out there is 1 and 3/8ths on the bolt.  And although I knew I did not need 2 and 5/8ths I also knew 1 and 3/8ths was a bit sparse.  I look around a bit more, but knew I was going to have to find a way to do it.  So I also got lining material and another possibility for the waistband, but it was not a wonderful match.

I made it home a lot quicker and the safer crossing, but without going on the bike trail that I did enjoy (the one that I can get on right outside my apartment building, how awesome).

So I get home and I start the wool dyeing (see the pile of dried project).  May be a bit of a yarn tangle, but I have a skill for getting into these messes and apparently for untangling them as well.  I also make the gazpacho.  And then the skirt (because it was the least of my priorities).


Another problem with the skirt was because of the fullness, the bottom is a curve.  Part of the reason I loved the fabric, the non color loving part, was the bottom border.  So I had to detach the bottom and hope I had enough to work around the bottom.  Another problem came with me altering the pieces since it was going to have the border and not properly marking this to cut out the lining.  Yes haste makes waste.  So I get the skirt mostly done, the zipper is not perfect because the fabric was slippery.   But worse is the lining that was too long at some places and too short at others.  Instead of helping the outer layer drape properly, it made a bell with places you could see the lining.  In the morning I wake up early and sew down the skirt band and try it on to see the effect I previously described.  So I abandon the idea of wearing it.  When I got back last night from knitting, I decided to tackle the problem again.  I finally figure out this morning that the lining was not going to work and removed that and decided to wear the skirt backwards, because at one point on the front the bottom band is concave because it was stretched a little.  But that should be remedied easily.  I was happy with it enough to wear it today, which I got asked if I had a date and why I was not wearing jeans.  It’s casual friday, but I wanted to wear something new not jeans.


But I bought all the new materials with a gift from my Aunt Paula, so thanks very much for the giftcard.  I was quite excited to make and wear my project for the warm weather.

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One Response to Purple Elephants

  1. Karla says:

    now, now ashley — purple elephants?!??! You HAD to bring that up! and I love the Harry Potter reference! man, that was a long long long time ago! (pre-marriage for Courtney & I!) 🙂 I told her that we need to get to D.C. again SOON!

    i joined the blog world, too: check out the site above! 🙂 (of course, it’s not as cool as yours!)

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