Sunny days, chasing the clouds away

So today was supposed to be 74.  I am not sure that will happen, because although it has claimed that Thursday would be 74 for 6 days previous to it, this morning it said high of 69.  But for an actual spring day I wanted to wear another skirt, and I have already displayed my spring skirts.  I’ve had fun wearing skirts, think that maybe in the future they might not be professional enough (I hope I have a future like that).  So I decided to take a bike ride (my legs are going to be amazing soon or dead from overuse, I guess we’ll see) to Joann’s, get some fabric, and whip up a skirt.  More on that later, lets just say I almost made it but am wearing pants.


Another bike ride was the day before which was a bit colder but I wanted to go to blockbuster and then I decided to see if I could get a stock pot at the variety store where I got cookie tins and cookie racks this winter.  I had already used a zipcar for an hour and made it to two Goodwills and not found anything that really seemed like a good idea other than a smaller frying pan (but at 7 dollars it did not seem like a huge bargain).  So I buy a 2 quart or maybe 16 qt stockpot and the girl looks at me and says are you making stock.  I responded no, I’m dyeing yarn.  She asks what color and I tell her the color you will see in the pictures.  She says we have blank color yarn back there.  When I tell my knitting friends this story, to share how you know sometimes someone will not get it so there is no point going any further into the conversation, they are like where can you get a stockpot and yarn.  A variety and hardware store that lives up to its name.  Someday I will have to categorize everything sold in there.  Here’s a small sampling: cooking supplies, yarn, ribbon, knitting needles, canning materials, candles, coloring books, loose candy, nails, and I think puzzles.  So like I said lives up to its name.  So the store is over a mile from my apartment building and I then have to bike back while balancing the box with the pot in my handle bars because it is too big for my basket on the back.  Quite a process and also probably quite a site.  Okay sometimes I either don’t think things through fully or see the hard way as the only option.


So I got back to my apartment around and eight and was determined to dye yarn.  I finally had all the equipment.  So I soak the yarn and remove air bubbles and then because wet yarn is so heavy push it to the side while I try to add the dye, instead of taking it out.  So I add the dye and the vinegar, maybe that was the wrong order.  Wrong order why you ask, oh because of the purple splatter that occurred.



So as I’m stirring the pot of dye and yarn, I decide to start the gazpacho I have meant to make for a couple days now.  Instead of chopping things as I usually do, I just throw them in the blender and press liquefy (what a great ability of the blender).  Well as the story goes apparently I had more tomatoes than usual (just because they were very plum) and with the last one there was some seepage over the top.  Well I already knew I was going to have to clean the kitchen again after the dye splatter.


So I am adding ingredient and stirring the pot, and after the required time I took it outside onto the balcony.  I stapled a garbage bag together to go between the yarn and the railing and also set one on the ground.  Then I put on my gloves and picked up the yarn to squeeze it out.  Oh man was it hot.  So hot I had to take breaks.



So I got back inside and get working on my skirt to be discussed later.  So I finally get to bed and then get up early to see what?  Oh nothing because of the level of fog.  The drying process may take longer than I expected since apparently the cloud level has descended to the 9th floor for good (I need a nice sunny day.)


Don’t worry in the time I had to actually accomplish things, the sun has come out!

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