Christmas in April

I‘ve been remiss in sharing things.  That is partly because I have not accomplished anything craft wise substantially (I actually decreased my progress on the bear jacket, all in the name of a better finished project).  And as mentioned before I now have my bike and I am determined to use it.  The use is a nice substitution for the joy and peace swimming gives me.  It does not equal that, but it fills in when I am unable to swim due to the hassle and cost constraints.  So I was also slowed down because of my effort to gain the materials for dyeing, which will be shared when it has commenced.  And the time frame has been decreased because my roommate is coming back a week early.  Well I was lucky to have about 2 and half weeks of living alone.  And then my friend Debbie came down to visit, so I spent time with her instead of making her watch me knit or sew.  I know, that was kind of me.  But she may volunteer in Mexico along the border or Guatemala in a hospitality situation, so I’m glad I made the sacrifice.

My sister has been kind enough to once again send me photos of creations that her family has received and so I will recap an old project.  That is Christmas Stockings!



Joe’s Christmas stocking was actually the first sock I ever made.  So I did do short rows before the embossed leaf socks.  I decided to make Joe a Stocking for the Christmas after he married my sister.  Since he was now part of the family and would be putting a stocking up with my sisters and possibly at my parent’s house, I thought he should match.  Our stocking were made by a friend of my grandmother or great grandmother, I forget which.  So I had to make one from looking at mine.  It was an interesting process of counting and then figuring out the heel and the toe.  The funny thing is the pictures are sew over and for some reason, Joe’s Santa ended up being on the thin size.  But I think the stockings are great because they fit so much.  And I like making pom poms.



So several years go by and they have Trey.  Although I have now inherited my grandmother’s yarn supply and have more than enough yarn (I love looking at the skein that was 1 pound and cost 60 cents), I did not ever write down directions for the stocking (I did not until my Aunt Paula asked).  So I got to once again do a lot of guesswork.


But look at the family of Stockings, the 4th is for the cats.


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