Bear with me

burritio.jpgMy sister has been assisting me with pictures of things I made for Trey.  And it seemed time to share the first gift I ever made him.  Of course I made this gift before I ever knew that Trey was a boy, back when out of Courtney’s earshot I referred to him as it.  Yep that’s what happens when I don’t know the sex of your baby, be forewarned.

bear-head.jpgSo for the child in my sister’s belly, I decided to make a blanket.  I went to Joann’s and looked at the books they had for baby  blankets.  I knew I could not do anything like ballerinas, and rocket ships seemed the other extreme.  There were no dinosaurs, which is sad because I think they can go either way and still seem baby cuddly.  So I found this pattern for a bear asleep.  Of course the pattern was for a wall hanging so I had to increase the size of everything.  Why follow a pattern exactly when you can calculate in your head how much more fabric in your head when already at the store?

treys-quilt.jpgHere’s were the funny part of the story comes in.  My sister comes back to our parents’ house for her baby shower and is talking to me about how she is doing the nursery in a dragon fly theme (note it is also non gender).  She wants me to help make a wall hanging/blanket to match the stenciling.  Now I considered telling her, but she hates being told what she is getting ahead of time.

So I just play along like I will help her, and then we have the baby shower.  I believe her exact response was along the lines of you were going to let me go to all that trouble when you already had made this.  And yeah I would have.

missyshower-054.jpgHere is Pokey being displayed at the baby shower.

jacket-begininng.jpgAnd also the beginning of a bear jacket.  See all things today are related.

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