Seeing spots

My Mom came down to visit and was cool enough to also bring my bike.  That was part of what inspired the invitation, because I totally forget that other people have a huge interest in the cherry blossoms.  It does make a beautiful sight, but its funny when people ask if they have bloomed yet and you are like well I don’t know.  Feels like you are being an inferior DC resident.  I wonder in what other ways I fail.

So we went to see the cherry blossoms and the end of the Kite Festival, which was cool just at the end so I will be putting the whole thing on my calendar for next year. 

busy.jpgMy mom was also nice enough to take me to Joann’s.  I decided that I would like another skirt.  One that was fun to twirl in, because sometimes a good twirl will change your mood for the day.  So I walked through the whole store trying to find the right fabric and this is what I settled on.  My mom goes, “Well that is busy and you will certainly get noticed in it.  I guess sometimes I want to be noticed.  But not too much because it makes me self conscious.  Yeah I know, contradictory.  That’s probably the best description of what makes me me.

extra-fabric.jpgI complained to my mom that the pattern seemed to call for an excessive amount of fabric for a skirt (2 yards and 5/8th), I think I have used less material for a dress.  I almost took the plunge and went sans pattern but since I did not want to make it a cumbersome project I did not.  Apparently the wisdom from my maternal grandmother is you can cut out a quarter of a yard with no harm.  Want to see how much I had left over? 

skirt.jpgtwirl.jpgI did not measure it yet, but that looks like enough for another skirt to me.  Stupid lying pattern, that means I could have saved around 8 dollars.  Who wouldn’t want to save money?  I might make a shirt out of it.  But its not like extra calico you can save for a quilt.  I did not follow the pattern layout exactly because I figured out it was not necessary.  I might add pictures of what they suggested and what I did later today.  Well I did finish the skirt in one day, of course the zipper is not perfect.  I have not learned how to do a perfect zipper, it may require a sacrifice.

blocking.jpgAnd what else did I accomplish on Sunday. I also blocked the purple tank.  Yes I actually blocked something.  I had to because the ends were curling, but still this might be the first time that has happened.  I found out my blocking boards work well and I do not have enough blocking pins unless I want to do each piece separately.  Seriously if you are supposed to put it in every inch or so, why would the amount sold only fit around one piece?  Another of life’s aggravating questions.


I finished my day with strawberry margaritas and baseball.  The glass is not raised in toast to Odalis Perez of the Nationals (am not and will not be on threat of death of a Nationals fan), but in toast to opening night in Washington.

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