Doubly wrong


What’s with the pile of string.  Well I got really eager and decided to go for the gold, because what’s sleep when you can say you finished a project.  And when you finish the project you can start a new one with a free conscious.  A new project that includes ears.  I am very excited about the ears, and if I am good and quick it could be a birthday present.  If I shore up the title of best aunt early, I may be able to coast in the later years by simply being cooler than my sister.  Of course who knows if I can pull that off, maybe I can take lessons.  Or my motto, if you can’t win by merit use sabotage.  I do have a great picture of my sister as a child impersonating an old lady (and she was not doing the impersonation on purpose).  Of course my sister would have some pictures to use for retaliation, so perhaps I will have to give more thought on how to maintain the title.  Right now I am a shoe-in as the only proper aunt.

But because I was so eager and practicing knitting while not looking, which is fine except if you are unable to properly do the pattern without looking.  For some reason I was thinking not looking would make the process faster.

Yes I was wrong.  In fact, not looking made it so I had to tear out the work.  So not just wrong, but doubly wrong in the way that it did not go faster and added the same amount of time because I have to redo it.


But I only have a few more inches to go, and then its a sweater with ears.  And of course the volcano socks will also be worked on, but they have a later deadline.

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