Froggy went a courtin’ and he did

realize that there were way too many colors working thorough out the fun Fleece Artist yarn and that the interesting pattern of the firestarter motif would always be overshadowed by the colors.  This realization led to the decision to choose another pattern and save firestarter for another day.  Because all the work of the 1 stitch cables is not worth is when it blends in.  It means the sock makes enough of a statement in a stockinette stitch that does not involve paying close attention.

muffins.jpgSo I proceeded to rip out all the work I had done, even the toe.  Now ripping out the toe was inexplicable behavior.  You know what else is inexplicable, the amount of moisture that was hiding my cinnamon streusel muffins to create this much condensation in a closed ziplock bag.

Okay perhaps both things are explicable.  But neither were expected or explainable on the first level of observation.  What I am saying is that I believe they required more thought than the fact that rain makes the ground wet.

Why did I tear out even the toe, because I wanted to try a different toe creation technique.  I went with the magic cast-on published in Knitty.  It was fun and pretty easy, after the first row where everything was so tight.  And then I decided to do a  toe.jpgvariation of the swirl socks by Sulala.  By variation, I mean I will attempt to in some way create the appearance of volcano trails.  In an abstract way of course.  I was slightly stymied by the left twist and right twist instructions.  Why did this confuse me, because to me it is actually making a cable without a cable needle, which is fine, but if you give me instructions on that with a different name I think its something else.  So I fail to do it properly, because if I did it properly it would be cabling and not a left twist.  toe-2.jpgIts just one of those things I have to work out myself.

Doesn’t the toe viewed in this manner kind of resemble lips.  The color scheme and the way the colors work also remind me of Animal from the Muppet Show.

Off topic I wanted to share a picture of my birthday cake.cake.jpg  Why is it so beaten up you ask?  Oh because it was mailed to me from Pennsylvania, and no this is not the first time I have had cake mailed to me.  It still tastes amazing, Sour Cream Pound Cake is definitely without par in the cake world.  The  left hand picture was a basket of yarn and knitting needs, picked out by my father.  He is very good at choosing the theme.

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2 Responses to Froggy went a courtin’ and he did

  1. sulafaye says:

    Can’t way to see your swirl variations. Volcanic, how exciting! Your post title is just great–I love that song!

  2. sulafaye says:

    Oh, and PS – sour cream pound cake? Gotta get a recipe for that!

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