Another great thing from Scandinavia

debbies-hat.jpgIt’s always fun to learn a new technique and sometimes I actually will go through the effort of something suggested in Vogue Knitting(the only knitting magazine I get on a regular basis).  One such case was the Scandinavian Two Ended knitting presented in an article by Meg Swansen.

So I wanted to learn more than one pattern, and I stopped by Borders on my way home, okay out of my way home, to pick up a book on the technique.  This was interesting because my friend Jen was working there for a time when she finished her Masters and before law school.  I saw her and she looked busy, so I decided I would talk to her on the way out and headed straight for the knitting section.  She comes back there while I am reading all the varying size spines and says the usual greeting in such a situation “What you weren’t even going to say hi?”.  Of course my explanations are useless because perhaps I over think situations in an effort to be polite and conscientious (only in public though).

Turns out my earlier research of Borders having it if not in the store, available through the store was wrong.  So no chance of instant gratification.  So I ordered it through Amazon and instead got it for a lower cost.

I was so excited when I got it, and after flipping around the patterns I took the time to read the beginning steps.  I saw that they suggested a nostepinne to help create a center pull ball, which is necessary for this type of knitting, and took a page from my father’s book.  By that I mean I improvised with what was available, so I went down in the basement found part of an old broom handle and cut part of it off.  Okay it wasn’t fancy and it does not have grooves and a clear handle, but it works just fine.

After successfully winding my two colors into one ball I began to knit with yarn from both ends.  I did learn the fun of untwisting the yarn that gets twisted from knitting that way.  It can be fun just holding the knitting up and watching it twirl.

mail.jpgOnce I got used to the technique I found it can take me around a Sunday afternoon to make one.  The only problem is the last one I made I did not bother to check the gauge and get my intended recipient’s head size.  I also never tried it on myself and now I have to remake  it.  What has been stopping me,  unraveling also means untangling.  Last time I at least got my sister to help.  As you see not snug.

trey-hat.jpgstripesandhat.jpgBut when done properly, the two ended knitting makes it thicker and warmer.  Here is my nephew modeling my sister’s (on the left).

I think he has a career ahead of him.  I was very excited that my picture of him (on the right) on ravelry got chosen as one of the pattern pictures.  Plus its fun to make pompoms.

Anyone want a hat?

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