Toe up


What’s that you say, is it a hat for a tiny pointy headed being.  No its a sock toe.  Yes for my second sock pattern I choose a toe up version.  Not intentionally, it just happened to be a pattern I thought was fitting.  It is called Firestarter (by Yarnissima) and although the color way of my Fleece Artisit Merino 2/6 is titled Sangria, but I see it more as a volcano.  This is the same type of yarn I used for the Embossed Leaf Socks (pattern from Interweave Press 25 Favorite Socks).  So off course volcano and firestarter go together.  That would be like the first level of the SAT word match-up.

At first the toe up gave me a bit of a difficulty, with the provisional crochet chain for the cast on and me without a tiny crochet hook.  But I persevered with just my double pointed needles.  So then I cast on to that and get to the wrap and turn.  I think the name for that move is misleading.  It seems more to me like a turn and wrap, because the wrapping does not fully occur until you start in the other direction.  Sadly no one was available to help me overcome my trepidation, so I had to forge ahead on my own.  This is why I wonder about classes and such because I have so rarely gotten any type of instruction.  I usually just try what I think it means and if that does not work, I try to reinterpret it.

I even had the classic problem of assuming I made a mistake and dropped a stitch, when in fact if I had read the last sentence of the great instructions provided by Yarnissima in her pattern for creating the toe, I would have realized I was supposed to be short a stitch.

But I triumphed and created a toe.  I find it amazing.  Sadly I think there may be too many changes in color to work this pattern properly, it does not seem to properly stand out.  I will repeat the pattern a few more times to properly gauge the appearance and if it continues to blend I will have to frog it.  But I assure you if that happens I will try the pattern with different yarn.

Oh yeah and for my birthday I got more yarn! I got some socks that rock yarn, even on of the raven colorway that fascinates me.

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