The things I do for my sister, and for what

My mother taught both my sister and I to sew when we were children.  This means we both are able to assist the other.  She helped with my blue triangle quilt by helping to cut out and organize the pieces.  (I think she likes order even more than I do.)  And I also will do things for her, such as Pokey.  Of course the instance of Pokey was paying.

So perhaps she was inspired by my blue triangle quilt or just felt like she wanted to make one of her own, but some time after she began a project of green and brown squares.  She cut them, organized them, and then put the pieces into forming strips.  She even sewed some of the strips together.  However, somewhere in the process the project fell into a black hole.  You know it was put aside and then she forgot to pick it back up.

The greater mystery of the quilt is how it came to be my responsibility.  At some point during my moves in and out of my parent’s house and my removal of more of my possessions from storage at my parents, I got the white garbage bag that held the strips.  I feel my father had something to do with this.

So I give into the responsibility and finish sewing the strips together.  I find material for the back and then have to special request it because of the amount necessary to make a king size quilt.  I also decide to double the batting because I like thick quilts.  I decide I courtneys-quilt-detail.jpgwant the quilted pattern to be interesting so I find a leaf pattern to work with.  I with a circular hoop frame chalk on the pattern and quilt the whole thing.  Then I do my least favorite part and bind the monstrosity.  I say this is my least favorite because I don’t always even trim the threads, I know how horrible but its so tedious.  I finish it just in time to give it as a Christmas gift, because lets face it all this labor should count for something.

courtneys-quilt-both-sides.jpgSo I go visit Courtney and Joe and the quilt is not on their bed.  Why?  Because it is too warm.  I think perhaps they have the heat on too high.  I though it was supposed to be warm.  Come on the baby needs to develop a higher tolerance for cold, save some money on the heating and turn it down at night.

The greater mystery, why did I do all that work to finish a king sized quilt when they sleep on a full sized bed.  Why, because someday they will get a bigger bed.  Someday!  That is kind of neboulous.

Well I’m done ranting.  I do have to say the quilte turned out to be beautiful and even inspired me to start another.


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