Running out of green clothing, but I have on green socks

finished.jpgSo I finished my embossed leaf socks.  I finished them when I was in Boston because I had decided since they were so close to being done that I would like to wear them for the Parade.  Yup this year I went to not just one St. Patrick’s day Parade, but two.  The Boston one is so long that we missed the beginning but then watched to the end and walked to a new location, Colin’s Roof Deck and saw some of the acts we had missed.  You must be dedicated to be in a parade that you have to walk for about 3 hours.

So I bought my ticket for the weekend jaunt on Wednesday night.  My thoughts and one of my first statements to Zach when the plane landed was “I am so stupid”.  I left an area that was admitting spring was going to arrive shortly (weather in the 60s during the day) to see outside the plane window when landing a nice mix of snow and rain.  This was especially stupid considering one of the days was going to be spent outside.  But I had a great time and it was worth it.

finsited.jpgSo the funny things dealing with the socks.  I had to grab my copied page of the pattern to make the toe and Zach says to me well that’s kind of disappointing.  He said not that he has thought about it but it would be cooler if you just figured it out on the go.  And when I explained self striping yarn to him he was once disappointed.  But he had to admit that the socks were awesome.

Well I am a bit tired, you know flying up and back in a weekend and the fun.

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