Sayid’s contribution to the sock


So I gave in and have returned to Lost.  The only reason I originally did not watch this season was I forgot.  I know how silly is that.  But then also I wasn’t sure how much they might torture me but not being able to provide a whole season.  I have dealt with the stopping and starting, the change in time, and the long hiatus.  But I cannot deal with only 8 episodes.  It would send me over the edge, which some people might tell you could simply happen by sending me to the Blockbuster that does not completely believe in alphabetical order or by switching the hinges on a door so a door that opened out suddenly opens in.

I made claims that I would just wait until the DVDs of season 4 came out so I could watch it with less confusion.  Lets face it it is hard to remember all the tiny little things that end up mattering.  Also I had to honor this commitment by skipping past the part of the Preston and StevePodcast where they discuss lost and try not to miss anything else.  I love walking down the street with my ipod and laughing while thinking I don’t care if other people stare, Steve is funny)

I did not live up to this claim, because I needed something to watch and on a Sunday afternoon that is hard.  So I decided to give up and watch lost.  I even spent part of my itunes giftcard to see the first episode of the season.  And I am entirely satisfied with my decision.  It was such a good decision, I got almost to the heel of the second sock by the end of the night.  Did I mention I love Sayid, especially as what he becomes after he gets off the island (see how I refrained from spoiling).


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