So after the last post, you might wonder what I tend to watch when working on Pokey.  The answer is Stargate: SG-1.  Its not as gripping as BattleStar, but it has the lasting power and spin-off power of Law and Order.  Its funny and creative in the different races that are included.  Okay make fun of me for liking sci-fi, I just pity you for what you are missing.

baby-got-back.jpgLook how cool the batting under Pokey turned out.  Baby got back.  Hmm I feel a certain kinship. 


Here’s the actual back.  It may be noticeable if you look closely at the top portion that the back is not exactly perfect.  The middle portion is a cribsheet from the Tiddlewinks collection found at Target.  The problem is a crib sheet is another word for a fitted sheet sized for a crib mattress.  I ripped the seams and removed the elastic, but I do not have a yardstick.  Without a yardstick I decided to estimate the edges.  Also this was last night, when I was increasing impatient to finish.  Impatient because I knew the binding was coming, and binding is my least favorite part.  I ended up cheating on the binding by using the front border folded over and then zig zag stitched it. 

both-sides.jpgborder.jpgHere is a close up of the border blocks.  These were made from receiving blankets of the Tiddliewinks Collection.  The other picture shows both sides of the blanket so you can see how they mix together.

I know it is not perfect but it is darn cute I believe, and a baby won’t care about the mistakes.  I did take the time to clean off the extra threads.

I present to you Pokey:



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