Hannah Day Day

hannah-boards.jpgGuess what I got to have last night, a Hannah Day Day.  Now let me explain this, some people might think that it comes from childhood.  They would be wrong horribly wrong.

As legend tells it in 10th grade some of the students had Mrs. Rohner for English class.  And Mrs. Rohner was bitter at the world, most specifically we all knew she was bitter with her job.  One day Hannah Day precociously shares her opinion that the class was boring and it should be fun.  The very next day Mrs. Rohner brings out crayons, markers, glue and construction paper.  She says the students can spend the day doing crafts (there may have been some stipulation about connecting it to the lesson, or there may not) and it is a Hannah Day Day.  Those days became a staple of her class and continued long after Hannah had graduated.

boards.jpgSo Hannah came down to visit last night and we made board games for her ESL class.  It was fun to once again be cutting out pieces of magazines, using the colored glue stick (which actually was no longer purple but the gray color that is often given to aliens), and use stickers.  When we picked out the paper to use for the board, one sheet was purple.  I said I’m going to take the purple, and Hannah replied you wouldn’t do that.  Of course I wouldn’t because purple is Hannah’s color.

So I had a great time doing stupid crafts and hanging out.

Here’s a picture book vending machine.  Yeah we were dorks who thought that concept was great.  Hannah asked me to remove her photo and I finally complied.

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