I shall call you socky, and you shall be mine, you shall be my socky

Sock DetailAny one who does a craft understands how it is when you get close to the end.  You just want the accomplishment of being finished and you know that it is within reach.  So you stay up late, but not late enough.  Then you get up early and it is early enough to finish and prepare for work.  However finding the camera so you can share your glory with the world causes you to miss the bus and take the metro (which costs 30% more).  Even knowing all this before hand, you still have to do it.  Because finishing always takes a bit longer than you think.

But I did it, I made a sock.  I’m considering amputating a leg, so I will only every have to knit one.  But I cannot decide which leg, so I guess shortly I will start on the other.

The first sock took such a period of time because I kept getting distracted by other things, like winding my yarn, and Pokey (yes because all things I spend time with, grow attached to, and angry with need to be named).  But with the support of the knitting group, I made it past the heel (it was scarier in theory than in reality) and now have finished the sock.  Seeing how my second goes I may alter the toe which is a little loose.

When I first told my sister I was going to make a sock, she asked why.  The obvious answer is for the fun colors of sock yarn.  Normally on a sweater you prefer only slight variations.  Socks can go from blue to pink to orange.  Not that I think I will be making any quite like that.  And self striping yarn, how amazing.  So I am happy I gave into the pressure and started a pair of socks.  The final reason of why (which for any sock knitter is a silly question) is because I can make this.



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