A quack, quack here, a ribbit, ribbit there

trey-bath-towel.jpgMy sister had a baby last April.  Shortly after, probably as soon as she remembered there was something besides pain and a new baby (this is my imagining) she started what I have decided to term the chronicling of every moment of his life.  Thank goodness for digital cameras, otherwise she would have no money left to feed him.

So I as a dutiful Aunt who prefers not to change diapers, faithfully view the pictures that she takes.  And I comment on them to let her know, even if the comment is that he has a orange nose.  (If you feed a really pale child orange food, his nose will turn orange.

So I saw the picture of him in a hooded towel and thought how adorable.  Then I thought this is what I will give my friend Krystal who is having twins.  She knew she was having boys, ans as she said because what could be worse than twins, twin boys.  She does love them, its just she got pregnant shortly after her wedding, and that wasn’t the plan.

So I decided to make some hooded towels for her.  I had seen terrycloth at Joann’s and was looking for a reason to get it.  I decided that instead of spending money on a pattern I would look at a pattern and then go from there.

So just to point out something I have been saying since my sister told me she was expecting.  There are more fun things to make for girls than boys.  Simple fact of life, is lace and pinks are prevalent for children’s items.  I figure it will be best to wait to the child is older to start creating gender issues.  The same seemed to hold true for what animals I could make with the selection of terrycloth, I finally figured a elephant and a frog.  The elephant ended up being more fun with the ears and nose.  And I did relearn how fun it is to break the needle because you are using the wrong type for the fabric.


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