There’s no crying in baseball

So this post is in honor of the lovely spring weather, which makes me think its almost time for baseball.  In one way it is time for baseball, that is spring training.  But live baseball played where I am, that is still about a month away.  Okay I admit I am counting honestly its 25 days away to the Nats opener. 

And 26 days to the Phillies.  That would be the most important. 

As you might imagine from the previous statement, the Phillies are my team.  The one that makes me scream, the one that makes me yell random insults at other teams players because they do not wear the proper uniform, the one that makes me excited, and the one that causes me to rant.  It is probably an unhealthy relationship, but I don’t care.

So one of my favorite players is Chase Utley, second base.  I first saw him years ago when he was called up for the expanded team in September and ever since I have needed to watch him.  It doesn’t hurt that he is what I term dreamy.  But my adoration is not based on looks alone, he also happens to be a fantastic baseball player.

So one year for my birthday my friend Zach sent me iron transfers that said “I’d rather be playing baseball with Chase Utley”.  I took some time to contemplate what would be the best use of these.  I decided that I would use one to make a baseball game bag.  By that I mean a bag to take to the games.  I bought white and red canvas and this is what was created.



In side I put a pouch in with a zipper so that the wallet, money, and keys could less accessible.  The little pouch is to hold the tickets.  And the bag is big enough to hold suntan lotion, sunflower seeds, and a baseball hat (all necessities).

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