Alive I say, alive

So a non related thought to start this.  I went to a St. Patrick’s day parade today and one of the main purposes was to see the Alexandria Pipe and Drum Band.  Did I accomplish this, of course not.  Because the parade was not supposed to start until 12:30, so we decided to get lunch first.  I did at least get to see other pipe bands.  I love bagpipe music.  I was asked if I always get so excited, and I explained how previously I live in Pennsylvania Dutch country, so not many chances to see bag pipes.  It was a good parade, and who knew there were so many Irish dance schools in the area.

Okay so you may be wondering about the title.  It is because I have now successfully attached the giraffe to the sky and land.  I took the consensus advice and put batting beneath to make it raised.  By consensus I mean when I asked 4 other people, they all said yes at once.  I was leaning towards it already, I just wanted to make sure it was worth the use of batting.  You never know when I will want to make another quilted bag

giraffe-batting.jpgBut with their advice I decided to follow my idea.  And then yesterday my sister gave me some batting (along with my books back and Christmas cards she had acquired for me) and so then I didn’t have to worry about depleting my source.

So I double layered the a batting to make it noticeably giraffe-pins.jpgraised.  Which should not be a problem like with my sister’s quilt (to be discussed in more detail at a later time), which is apparently too warm (I thought a quilt was supposed to be warm). 

giraffe-head.jpgI attach the golden yellow parts first and start on the brown and then realize I still have not given the giraffe (I still have not found the right name) nostrils, which would have been easier to do when the giraffe was not attached to a background and batting.  Why would it have been easier, because it is less to maneuver fabric and weight wise.

So I finish attaching and then added the nostril.  And now it can breath although not see (I have to find the buttons I bought), so therefore it is alive.


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