What did you do last night…

If asked that question today I would have to say I spotted a giraffe.  Which the normal response might be oh where did you see a giraffe.


No, no, no I put spots on a giraffe.  And it was not the simple process described on the freezer paper box.  One of the issues was that I cut out the fabric before the shapes of the paper.  That would be because I failed to think how is applique made easier, this being my first time.  So that made the process a little more complicated.  The real fun was ironing the seams of the applique pieces.

Well the giraffe is spotted, I still have to add the tail and eye (and nostrils, wouldn’t want a dead giraffe that could be traumatizing).  But I am very pleased with how it turn out since it was free handed from a tiny raised image on a picture frame.  I would take suggestion on when I add it to the blue and green for the background should I put a layer of batting between it and the background so it is raised?  This is a for baby/child’s blanket.


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