A pea in a pod

I was down in the DC area sometime last spring visiting my friend Adam.  Adam lives with his fiance Jen who although I have only met a handful of times I do enjoy.  So I saw she had some cloth grocery bags.  They were quilted material with patterns of realistic looking fruit on them.  She said her mother had made them.  I thought what I great way to combine something neat and waste less plastic.

So this was before I moved down to the area, but when I had the plan to move.  I decided I would take the idea, because only selfish people horde their cool ideas and make some of my own.


  1. When you quilt the fabric yourself it takes time, patience, and vigilence because it wants to gather.  You think what happened I started out with two squares the same size.
  2. Also I still do not know the correct term for the thingamajig that helps to create parallel seams but I did manage to procure one. 
  3. Turning handles you have quilted yourself takes effort, tweezers, and builds blisters.  Turning handles from prequilted fabric (i.e. quilted when you bought it) is a quick and painless process.
  4. apples.jpgSometimes it will take several outside observers to tell you whether the fabric is apples or tomatoes (sadly it is not tomatoes, or maybe that is a blessing because I would have to take out my book of Neruda and read the Ode to the Tomatoes every time I used it).

So I have made small ones and big ones, I have branched beyond fruits and vegetables to baby animals and baseballs.  Here are some examples.

apples-and-pineapples.jpg   apples-in-pineapples.jpg

Sometimes I use the bags for groceries, sometimes knitting, and sometimes books.  basically what I consider necessities. 

pea-in-a-pod.jpgAs my sister found out some are big enough to fit a five month old. 

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