As a 20 something living in a metro area, I enjoy relaxing with creative projects. I sew, I knit, I quilt, I make curled paper ornaments. Basically- if it’s crafty I will give it a try.

My sister often encourages and feed into my crafty projects (especially since she has an adorable son who is too fun to craft for!)

I will be posting new (and some old favorites) of projects I have made. I will use tags for each, so if you are just interested in one craft type you can sick with that. Sometimes I will add a description of creating the project, who it was for, or even an amusing vignette related to the project.

Tags you may see (obviously some may have multiple tags):

Neat Knits

Special Sweaters

Cold Weather Cuddlies (scarfs, hats, and mittens)

Sew Successful

Quaint Quilts

Baby Beautiful


Neat Knits (for otherwise uncategorized knits)

Stunning Spinning

Crafty Creations (those that don’t fit under knitting or sewing)

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One Response to Welcome.

  1. girlgriot says:

    Hi, Ashley–
    I’m a pretty crafty soul myself, though that isn’t (at this moment) reflected in subject my blog. I’ll be curious to see some of your projects!

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